Coley O’Toole and MMVS have partnered to offer a songwriting program that helps writers and performers at all levels deveolp their unique skills through techniques and practices tailored to the student’s goals. Coley believes we all have a song in our soul and though it may not seem easy to find, it is possible! Songs are experiences that should be shared. To believe in it is the first step in writing it.

Coley O’Toole is an accomplished songwriter/multi instrumentalist and has been performing in bands for two decades. Most notably, he is a member of the multi-platinum selling rock group We The Kings. In 2014 he produced their first full length acoustic album “Stripped.” He is also a contributing writer and founding member of the americana rock outfit Smoke Signals whose songs have been featured in hit television shows such as ABC’s “Parenthood” and the Showtime original series “Weeds.” He began his professional touring career in 2006 as the musical director/band member for Interscope Recording Artist and VH1 Artist You Oughta Know, Charlotte Sometimes. After two and a half years of touring as a hired musician, Coley signed his first major label deal with Wind Up Records in 2009 and released the debut record by the rock group The Queen Killing Kings. While keeping a steady touring schedule he continues to write and produce songs for multiple musical endeavors and artists such as Grammy Award winning group Boyz II Men whose 2014 album “Collide” featured the single “Diamond Eyes” that was written by Coley and performed by members of The Queen Killing Kings. The song was performed on television shows such as Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live and is currently set-listed in their Vegas residency the Mirage Hotel.