The Most Comprehensive Vocal Program

SINGPRO is the first and only totally mobile vocal training program that works right off your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer! It is easy to use and will increase your vocal range, power, tone and pitch. Singers from all over the world use SINGPRO to warm up for a show, practice their songs, train with their teachers and build their voice.

All SINGPRO versions are now bundled for the low cost of $149!

Get SINGPRO on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop so you can practice anywhere!

SINGPRO is compatible with Windows & OSX computers as well as both Apple and Android devices.

SINGPRO BY VOCALIZEU from Tough Guppy Productions


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“What my artists and I love about SingPro is its ease of use and fast results. Whether we are doing lessons in person or using Skype or FaceTime, students can use the software to warm up appropriately under my guidance. Then, between lessons they have assigned workouts within SingPro to practice, record, and send to me if needed.


In addition to an ear training module that isn’t offered anywhere else, video tutorials and online access to several amazing books, SingPro also includes applications I used to have to ask my students to purchase separately like a metronome, keyboard and recorder (with pitch modulation for imported tracks).


What I love about SingPro, personally, is that I know the warmups and workouts have been developed by esteemed vocal coach Dave Stroud. Dave is, in my opinion, the most important thought-leader in contemporary vocal training today. I know Dave personally and have worked with him closely this year. He did a master class at MMVS and is a strong supporter of vocal students and vocal coaches across the world! He advocates vocal health first and vocal artistry a close second. Like me, he believes that inside of these two goals a singer finds his / her authentic, unique and beautiful sound.”  – Melissa Mulligan



VocalizeU Upgrades




Have the previous version from VocalizeU? Now you can access it on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Click here to upgrade to the SingPro bundle for $69.  You will need your original VocalizeU activation code for this purchase. Please be sure to reference Melissa Mulligan in your order form.