Love from some of our MMVS Artists
Mike Falzone, Cameron Leahy (The Downtown Fiction), Max Wagner (Minor Soul), Julia Nunes, Anson Li and Allyson Ryan:

The human voice is a pretty ethereal thing, after all, it’s an instrument that’s INSIDE of us. You can’t view the strings or touch the keys, you have to feel it. Melissa’s talent lies in her ability to help the singer visualize their instrument, aiming not to correct or conform but to cultivate and strengthen the individual’s unique tone. Melissa’s direct yet articulate explanation of some difficult concepts has helped me continue to progress in singing both more confidently and efficiently.
 – Cameron Leahy (The Downtown Fiction)

Melissa is relatable to young people.  She synthesizes what you want to learn and is open to listening.  She tailors her lessons and teaching style to what you want to sound like.
– Mike Orent, singer/songwriter/guitarist

I really enjoy my sessions with my coach because he is very nice and I feel comfortable singing around him.  He really won’t let me give up on a warm up I’m messing up on and teaches in a way where I have fun and learn at the same time.
– Brandon, singer

We are truly blessed that you came into our son’s life. You have become so much more than his vocal coach. You have become another role model in his life that not only educates but supports and takes care of him as a whole person.  As educators and adults, we need to spend more time on character education and maybe the small stuff will someday become marvels rather than heart aches. Thank you for helping to continue this important work.
– Paula, MMVS Parent

The brilliance of Melissa is that she makes her students feel comfortable.  She explains things in a way that allows the student to take her lessons and translate them into every day singing.
– Jill, MMVS parent (and student!)