Artist Development with Melissa Mulligan

The most rewarding aspect of vocal coaching, for me, is helping singers discover who they are as artists, where they want to go and how to get there.   I developed this holistic program for artists who want more coaching, more guidance, more experience, and are inspired to work hard to achieve their goals.   

Artist Development Programs include one-on-one sessions with me, weekly (in some cases daily) follow-up between sessions, guidance and feedback from music industry mentors, performance training, songwriting sessions with others in the program, remote coaching while touring or recording, audition preparation and audition book creation, writer’s demo recordings, social media assistance and invitations to participate in all MMVS shows and events.  This program requires a high level of commitment on behalf of the artist; participants are expected to send updates to me via email between sessions.

Here is what some of our Artist Development Members and touring/recording artists in Los Angeles and NYC have to say about working with Melissa:


Your first step is to fill out this New Student Form. Then we get together for your complimentary evaluation and goal setting session.   From there we design a program that fits your dreams, schedule and budget.