Good Morning, Heart Song

Good Morning, Heart Song

Dear friends,

Welcome to my free, online offering Good Morning, Heart Song.

Let us sing to you!

Starting Monday, September 1, my musical friends and I want to sing to you each morning.  For twenty eight days you will receive an email from me containing a private link to a video of one of us singing to you from the heart.  There will be morning blessings, original music from beautiful singer/songwriters and inspirational songs to help you hit the road with a smile each day!

I invited these singers to join me in this offering because of their amazing ability to connect directly to the heart.  They move me, deeply.  During our twenty eight days together you will meet my fellow vocal coaches at my vocal studio, MMVS, as well as some of the gorgeous artists I’ve had the pleasure to work with along their musical journeys.  I can not wait to share their voices with you!

Each email will also include a little love note from me with some thoughts on experiencing music as both a gift and an offering.

I can’t thank you enough for joining us and for inviting us to grace your inbox with our songs this September.

Signing up is easy.  *You will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.  That’s it!

*I know that gmail offers tabs in your inbox that categorize the emails you receive.  You might want to keep an eye on your “promotions” tab for Good Morning, Heart Song.   If you have any trouble receiving emails from us, please let me know.  You can always reach me at

Feel free to share this gift with your friends and family.


Melissa Mulligan
Owner, Vocal Coach, Program Director
MMVS: Melissa Mulligan Vocal Studio, LLC

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Congratulations to The Downtown Fiction!

Congratulations to MMVS artists The Downtown Fiction for the release of their new album, Losers and Kings, on Fearless Records!

Last year TDF toured with All Time Low and The Summer Set, and this year’s live performances are more impressive than ever.

I love working with these guys because of their combination of hard work and passion.  And talent?  Woooo!

Lead singer, Cameron Leahy, says:
The human voice is a pretty ethereal thing, after all, it’s an instrument that’s INSIDE of us. You can’t view the strings or touch the keys, you have to feel it. Melissa’s talent lies in her ability to help the singer visualize their instrument, aiming not to correct or conform but to cultivate and strengthen the individual’s unique tone. Melissa’s direct yet articulate explanation of some difficult concepts has helped me continue to progress in singing both more confidently and efficiently. 


Check out the tour schedule, buy merch, and keep in touch by visiting The Downtown Fiction Official Website

BUY THE NEW ALBUM HERE!  The Downtown Fiction on iTunes

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Lift Your Voice: An Online Singing and Music Course


Lift Your Voice is a 4-week, online, singing and music course, complete with video instruction, downloadable worksheets, and an interactive (optional and private) Facebook group for all participants.

We kick things off on Monday, July 7, 2014 and lift our voices together through Friday, August 1, 2014

Learn to sing in a way that feels good and sounds great!

Lift your Voice helps singers and self-proclaimed “non-singers” increase their love for their own voices.

How the Program Works:

  • Every Monday’s Email: One video voice lesson from Melissa Mulligan.
  • Every Wednesday’s Email: One video of an inspirational yet practical musical tip from a music business mentor.
  • Every Friday’s Email: One video featuring an MMVS vocal student (Fridayspiration)!
  • Every day: Participation in an optional Facebook group where we will discuss the lessons and share what inspires us about singing. Participation is OPTIONAL and you do NOT have to post audio/video of you singing.  You are more than welcome to make friends and network with other participants during our time together!

Some of the Topics We Will Cover:

  • How the body sings: It’s about more than breathing!
  • Finding your natural voice.  It is beautiful and powerful, I promise.
  • Pitch, ear training, and harmony
  • Basic music theory – the stuff you think everybody already knows (they don’t)
  • Vibrato, riffs, and grit
  • Truths and myths about singing, music, and the music business

Who is this for?

This program is for singers and self-proclaimed “non-singers” alike.

It’s for everyone I’ve ever met who has wanted to know “Can I learn to love the sound of my own voice?” ”Can anyone learn to sing?”  or even “How do I know if I’m tone deaf?”

It’s for every aspiring singer/musician/songwriter who has messaged me on social media for help, advice, guidance and validation because they aren’t sure if lessons are for them or they can not afford the financial or time commitment for private lessons.

It’s for every parent who longs to take a few minutes for himself or herself, who wants to explore something creative and fun.

It’s for people who sing in the shower, while cleaning their rooms, while driving (alone or with friends).

It’s for everyone who fantasizes about being brave enough to sing karaoke, sit in with a rock band, play at that open mic down the street, sing for a family member or friend, audition for that show/choir/band and say “yes” to the next exciting opportunity that pops up in life.

What age group should sign up?

This program is for kids between the ages of 10 – 108.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I will be away during a portion of the 4-week class?
This course is designed so that you can go at your own pace.  You can watch the videos and take the lessons as they come to your inbox each week, or you can do them as your schedule permits.  I expect that all participants will have different needs and schedules, so we won’t all be on the same lesson each day.  The Facebook group will remain open and active throughout the summer, so we can continue to connect and talk about the lessons long after the official “end” of the course on August 1.

Do I have to share audio or video of me singing during the course?
Nope.  There is no requirement to sing in public, online or otherwise.

May I share audio or video of me singing for feedback?
You may!  There will be times during the course where I will invite those of you who are interested to either email me or post audio/video to our Facebook group.   This will always be optional!

What’s this private, optional Facebook group thing?
We will create a Facebook group that is closed to the public.  No one else will see it or have access to it.  This is where participants can ask questions and talk about the topics we’re covering in the course.  In my experience, if one person asks a question there are others who will benefit from the answer.  Plus, we’re going to be a pretty cool group of creative people, and it will be great to connect with one another.  If Facebook isn’t your thing, no worries!  You won’t miss any of the course material and you can certainly email with any questions you have.

What if I already take voice lessons?
Join us!  There is no substitute for taking private lessons with your own vocal coach, but this program is an excellent source of information and inspiration that can be a great addition to your training.  Plus, you get access to videos, interviews and worksheets that are only available through this offering.

Cost: $79

Add to Cart

Love Letters & Recommendations for Melissa Mulligan and MMVS

Melissa Mulligan’s Vocal Coaching Philosophy

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Happy Spring from MMVS

Dearest MMVSers, Friends and Fellow Music Lovers,

We have some amazing surprises lined up for you this Spring.  Here’s a sneak preview…

I am heading to Los Angeles again in a couple of weeks, hosting a vocal performance workshop at Cascade Studios in Hollywood (Saturday, 4/12/14).  Registration now closed.

While in LA, I will also be offering private sessions and small group songwriting and performance sessions.  If you want to talk to me about scheduling a session, please email me here:

Several of our artists are releasing new albums and are heading out on tour, including The Downtown Fiction.   I have loved watching this song (and Cameron’s performance of it) grow from an acoustic idea to a demo to a fully realized single.  We’ve worked on his vocals on this all along the way, and I hope it’s not too sappy to say Cam, I am super proud of you, as always!

In other news, we have started an MMVS podcast on SoundCloud called “The Right Place at The Right Time.” We want you to hear you sing and talk about you on the podcast (whether you’re a student of ours or not)!  Episode 2 features a fun (and funny) interview with Jack and Max from Minor Soul in Westport, CT.  Listen for info on how to submit recordings and videos for us to talk about.

Last but not least, I am thrilled to say that we have five new vocal coaches enrolled in the MMVS Vocal Coach Master Class Series!  In addition to adding to our CT (and Skype) team, will soon have MMVS coaches working in California, New York and Boston.  More on this soon, I just can’t contain my excitement and I can’t wait to introduce them to you!


 (Don’t you love the new banner on our Facebook page?  Thank you Rob Staub Photography.  We love you.)

So much love to all of you,




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I never have the words to describe how proud, joyful, and amazed I am after an MMVS Showcase.  So let me try to find the words to express my gratitude to our friend Rob Staub for taking the most gorgeous MMVSer pictures we have ever had.  Here is a link to his gallery of more than 240 beautiful photos from on stage and behind the scenes at our 2014 Winter Showcase.  Thank you, Rob Staub the master photog, for capturing the #BestShowacseEver for us!
Love always,

Showcase videos will be uploaded to YouTube soon.  Videographer Steve Walter shot every performance and is editing them as we speak!

Just a sample of a few of Rob’s pics…


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MMVS Annual Winter Showcase and Awards Ceremony

Our favorite time of the year is here.  All of our artists from NYC and Connecticut come together to perform, collaborate and celebrate their hard work and talent.  Please join us for this gorgeous evening of music!

Performers, please click here for a list of showcase FAQs.  xoxo

Saturday, January 25, 2014

7pm – 10pm
Stratford Theatre
2422 Main Street, Stratford
Tickets: $10 in advance (on sale below) / $12 at the door
Open to the public.


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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a magical, musical holiday season!

With love from all of us at MMVS

~ Melissa, Nicole, Chelsea, Skippy & Mike

We love when MMVSers get into the spirit of collaboration and community!   Enjoy this rendition of “Story of My Life” covered by MMVSers Alex Costa and Allyson Ryan.

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Your Voice Your Song Workshop (For Women)

Music, voices, singing…..together. In community, in a way of lifting of each other up like we’ve never felt before. This night is about “why” we sing: The joy, the connection, the playfulness – like swinging on a swing set. We will be led by vocal coaches and soulful musicians Melissa Mulligan, Nicole Thompson and Chelsea Fuller as we circle together and unite our voices. We’ll start with an exploration of how vocalizing in any key (even the “wrong” key) can bring such magic and joy to our lives.


We’ll explore the history of how singing got started with a casual sing along and then we’ll play around with sounds and words, making stuff up as we go.

Who is this workshop for?
Women (18+) who feel an inner craving to find their own voices.
Women who consider themselves to be “non-singers” but find themselves singing alone in the car feeling happy and free.

Women who know they are singers and want to explore the heart of it, the true essence of their gifts.
Women who love music.
Women who need a night out among other bright and brilliant souls (did I mention there will be wine?)…

Together, in harmony, for the pure love of expressing ourselves through music.
You’ll receive links to a few songs beforehand to acquaint yourself with them.

We can’t wait to raise our voices with you.


Melissa, Nicole & Chelsea

Thursday, 12/12/13
7:30PM Prosecco reception, 8PM – 10PM Workshop
Fairfield, CT



Event Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013         Time: 7:30

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The Silent Scene (KD)

Dear MMVSers,

I’m happy to introduce you to the new Kicking Daises: They are now called The Silent Scene.

I would like to congratulate Duran, Ben, Richie and Jeff for all of their hard work in developing their new project.

I have worked with Duran and Ben for almost five years now and have loved getting to know Richie and Jeff as they’ve come together to create this energetic and melodic new sound.

Make sure you check out their new music video for their song Heartbeat. So Good.

Love you all!




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